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Transformational IT Park Trends to Watch Out For

Published on : 
Apr 20, 2023

In the real estate world, commercial spaces enjoy a lofty priority and demand. Add high-end networking technology, cybersecurity, mobility, and workplace efficiency, and what you have is more than just a concrete building. It becomes an intelligent smart space brimming with cutting-edge technology and holistic work ecosystems that allow businesses to thrive and grow.

Welcome to the Futuristic, Holistic & Inclusive IT Park

IT parks are not new to us. Even two-tier city plans have designated places for these versatile workspaces exclusively for IT organizations. Despite work-from-home being an accepted work norm, IT parks still hold immense value.

In fact, the global smart office market was valued at $31.37 billion in 2020. This value is expected to reach $90.63 billion by 2030, with a growth rate of 11.1% CAGR between 2021 and 2030.

IT parks are in the highest echelons of the smart office market. They hold the promise of a comfortable and productive work environment and the potential to capitalize on their location and exclusive amenities. IT parks increasingly adopt a people-centric approach with innovative trends and designs to establish inclusive workspaces.

The Trends to Keep an Eye Out For

Check out how the IT Park will change from what it is now to what it will be in the future with these trends.

1. Go Green initiatives

“Go Green” will be the motto for futuristic IT parks. The commercial space is set to balance a buzzing work and business atmosphere with an eco-friendly environment. An IT park’s Go Green initiative will include:

  • Platinum-rated green buildings with BEE and GRIHA.
  • Bionic bioclimatic architecture
  • Eco-friendly design using minimal energy
  • Level 5 BMS guidelines to manage fire and power systems, ventilation, security systems and lighting.
  • Sustainable energy sources like wind turbines and solar panels
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures and drought-resistant landscape for water conservation.
  • Energy-efficient building designs and construction

2. High-end security

IT parks are large spaces, with most of them functioning round-the-clock. With numerous employee and vehicular movement, it requires a water-tight, fail-proof security system that includes:

  • Hi-tech CCTVs
  • 24/7 electronic surveillance systems
  • Authorized building access
  • Round-the-clock security

All these initiatives will be established according to the IT standards to create a fully-protected work environment.

3. Biophilic buildings

IT parks will no longer sport just concrete and reflective glasses. We will see more greenery as biophilic designs open up the space to house all kinds of indoor and outdoor spaces- from minuscule cacti to fully grown trees.

Biophilic design is blending natural elements with the building to create a supportive, natural space. Apart from plants, the design also includes:

  • Flowing water fountains
  • Green walls
  • Natural lighting
  • Unobstructed outdoor views
  • Green terraces
  • Vertical gardens

Done well, these biophilic designs will promote cleaner air circulation and ample oxygen generation for the entire park.

4. Spaces for work-life balance

Working in an IT park can be overwhelming, with the place constantly abuzz with work-related activities. One of the most welcoming trends will be transforming this space into a clever blend of work and rejuvenation that promotes productivity and work-life balance.

The design elements that will help establish this innovative space include:

  • Mini hospitals or full-fledged medical centres
  • Retail showrooms and outlets
  • Cafes, eateries and fine-dining restaurants
  • Fitness centres
  • Salons and spas

It is also possible to incorporate incubators, maker spaces, prototyping labs, etc., into commercial spaces as a means of promoting creativity and enhancing efficiency.

5. AI-centric office spaces

What’s the point of creating a futuristic IT park if it’s not AI-inclusive? Artificial Intelligence will be an integral part of IT park office spaces to allow staff to customize their space as per their requirements. Multinational companies, BPOs, KPOs, and corporations will benefit from this next-generation commercial building.

6. Technology-infused spaces

Going forward, IT parks will proudly sport touchless access control systems to allow access into buildings. Or even better, employees may require facial recognition, virtual keys or Personal Identification Numbers to gain access to specific areas within the park.

It won’t be long before IT parks look like buildings from science fiction movies. The hi-tech designs may expand to:

  • Touchless keypads
  • Touchless card readers using radio-frequency identification or RFID
  • Near-Field Communication (NFC)
  • Voice-operational touchless doors and elevators
  • Heat and movement-detecting sensors in elevators automatically operate after detecting human presence.

7. Co-working Spaces

IT parks will have more co-working spaces to support employees from diverse industries and work profiles. These spaces will allow them to work in a shared room with equal access to all amenities. It will also foster collaboration, interaction, teamwork, and productivity. It will also promote efficient use of space and other vital resources.

Smart & Sustainable: That’s the Future of IT Parks!

The existing IP parks do not lack much in terms of facilities. However, if we are to race neck to neck with technological evolution and its demands, we need to create more spaces that blend productivity, technology, and well-being. All these above-mentioned trends will develop a holistic and inclusive work ambience.

Tiliconveli Tech Park in Tirunelveli is the perfect launching pad for businesses from diverse industry verticals. Want to know more about our hi-tech IT park? Contact us now.

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